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Authentic Coaching - Jess Beran

Empowered Coaching and Healing for Resilience and Self-love


I am so happy you landed here.

I totally get, see, hear, and respect you.  I have no judgement for where you are and know that real healing comes from the bottom up.  You are shown what you do not want so you know what you do want. The work is creating the vibration within you that allows all the things that are possible. I can help you do that.


We can get stuck, and we often do it with a forced smile on our face, never once asking for help.  We do not want to appear weak or broken.  Comparing and despairing on social media, our work environments, and all of our social experiences.


 Our health wellness and mindset take a back seat to the self-sabotaging behavior, the overwhelm and the self-hatred. That was me for years.  I struggled to find the confidence and strength to break through my own limiting barriers. I numbed with alcohol, food, you name it just to get out of my head and feel "normal", but in reality, that only left me feeling more alone, anxious, and depressed.


I’m here to tell you that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Once I got help, my life opened up in ways I never thought imaginable.


I am now passionate and committed to helping you navigate difficult times, find your why, and create the life you dream of through energy healing, support, tools, accountability and nurturing. 


My goal is always to connect you to yourself and your own wisdom, helping you heal trauma and step into your power.


Everyone has the ability to be the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest version of themselves no matter where you begin. I am here to help you start a spiritual journey with yourself and the world around you so that you can feel the joy you so desire and show up like the badass you know you are.



I am:

 A Reiki Master

A Certified Professional Life Coach

And have a BA in Dance


Looking forward to holding space for you to be real and heal.



Jessica has been kind enough to open her talents to me and provide me with time and direction for clarity, understanding, and personal growth. Each session with Jess leaves me feeling completely refreshed and excited about life and all the endless possibilities if has to offer.


Each of my experiences has begun with a warm and welcoming hug from Jess and a comfy seat in her home. Her space exudes relaxation and positivity from candles to incense, to her cozy couch cushions and loving lap pup! During our time, she finds easy ways to have me talk about what has been going on, topics of stress or concern, and then helps to break each of those thoughts down into what is really going on and how to treat myself with kindness to address each.


Jess provides tangible and obtainable “to-dos” for the coming weeks between our sessions that guide me to continue the work on my own. I also receive a detailed email the following day reviewing what we chatted about, my focus points moving forward, mantras, suggested meditations, and the items for me to do between now and the next chat.


It is this level of “professionalism meets loving friend” that makes what Jess offers special and unique. I know I can speak freely without judgment or fear and that everything we discuss is kept personal and her guidance is for ME personally. Her years of experience in business and her own personal betterment journey are apparent in her guidance. I am tremendously grateful to have Jess as a resource for my personal journey of self love and business ownership, and would strongly encourage anyone who is seeking some direction, help, a listening ear, or understanding to reach out for her help.  

- Megan -


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