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Meditation can seem paradoxically arduous. Inconsistently achievable. And, frankly, too time-consuming.

My own earliest sessions went something like this:
I said I'd do this, so I'll do it.
But I'm pretty busy.
It's so hard to sit still for that long.
My mind is too active.
I can't be doing this right.
I'm sort of uncomfortable.
What's this even doing for me?
I don't feel anything.

Sound familiar?

I almost gave up. And that's when it hit me: I never quit in the gym - not even when it's super hard or uncomfortable (or taking longer than I'd estimated). Every teacher, coach, and resource had assured me that meditation was work. And once I finally believed that, the practice of it made sense. And, oddly, putting in the concerted effort made it easier. Just as I train my body through CrossFit, I train my mind through meditation.

Even when I'm busy. Or it's hard. And I'm uncomfortable. That's how I get better.

Just as in the gym, by dedicating the time, intention, and patience, I make gains - regardless of my "performance." The result in CrossFit is strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed. The result of meditation is acceptance, forgiveness, self-love, and gratitude.

And, just as in the gym, I have setbacks. Exhaustion. Self-doubt. Even injury. But I continuously show up, and my life is undeniably better because of it.

Experience all that meditation can illuminate, deepen, and cultivate in your life - starting right now.

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