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Join me and a small group of fellow she-rahs for my 5-week Navigating Divorce course. Through guided learning, consistent support, and safe space, become the powerful, confident, and financially free woman you were born to be.

This course includes 5 robust modules designed to be tackled over 5 weeks - each week's module comes complete with focused lessons, guided meditations and worksheets. Membership also includes access to our private Facebook group where you may join the conversation with fellow powerhouses (like yourself). Solidarity sisters, am I right? 


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Before my divorce, I had no idea what my financial situation was, what I was worth, even though I had been a business owner for 13 years.  I was scared and fearful of how I was going to manage a household on my own. I had no money saved and lost my retirement in the divorce settlement in order to keep my business. 


I felt alone, guilty, sad, and embarrassed that I had failed my marriage, BUT I quickly implemented the steps it took to gain control of my situation. In other words, I took 100% responsibility for my life.


I dropped my story of the victim and got really honest about what I wanted. I did a lot of work on me and hired a life coach to help me navigate my feelings. I found meditation and spirituality as a tool to get me through

I created a "single mama" budget and started taking the steps to see exactly where I was, then implemented some hard (not gonna lie...BYE BYE manicures and amazon) habits and rules around finances to gain control and regain financial stability and freedom.

Now I am completely independent of my ex-husband (with the exception of my kid's expenses which we split 50/50).  I am the confident, solvent owner of two businesses.  I consistently invest in my retirement and have savings to keep my family secure for months if something were to happen. I even go on vacations with my kids and, yes, manicures and amazon are back on my self-care schedule. 


I no longer feel embarrassed and alone, but empowered and free. I want to help you get there too.


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  •  Are you over feeling anxious, fearful, hurt, angry, and resentful? 

  • Are you hungry to start or accelerate your career?

  • Are you done feeling helpless when it comes to your financial health?

  • Do you want to know with confidence you can pay your bills on time, save money, and plan for your future retirement?

  • Are you ready for support and guidance to help you get there instead of trying to “figure it all out” yourself?

  • Are you ready to take control of your mindset and do the work that needs to be done to create a joyous and abundant life?

  • Do you want own your life - 100% responsibility for the bad, ugly and truly beautiful?

  • Do you want to wake up empowered and know that you are living your best life and are a role model for other women in your situation?

  • Do you want to find yourself again - the sexy, smart, incredible and capable badass you are?  

If you are nodding your head, this course is meant for you. 

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  • Commit to this 5-week course that will walk you through the steps to become successful at managing your finances and gaining an unstoppable mindset for creating the life you desire
  • Receive weekly video lessons, journal prompts, and worksheets that you will be held accountable for
  • Enjoy bonus recorded meditations and affirmations each week to get you focused and grounded so you can do the work you need to do
  • Connect through a private face group to find support from other women on this walk with you

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​You have a lucrative career you simply love

You feel confident, sexy and alive

You are empowered to live a life you love on YOUR terms

You are a role model for your children

You are free of pain and know life is happening FOR you, not TO you

You deserve all this and more, mama! Won't you take the first step?

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