Authentic Coaching - Approach & Process


Clients come to me with different beliefs, different stories and different goals.  Authentic coaching could never be one size fits all, so my approach is simple.  


I create a non-judgmental space for clear, vulnerable connection so that healing can begin.  I use modalities like Reiki energy healing and meditation to enhance your sessions if needed. 


I work with you to eradicate limiting beliefs and get you on a path to achieving the success you wholeheartedly deserve. 


I develop a custom plan for each and every one of my clients to guide this process, and only ask that you be brutally honest with yourself and with me.  If you are interested in what a custom plan could look like, contact me for more information and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.


Ready to get to work? Good. So am I!


One-hour single session $95
Package of 5 sessions $425 (best results)

Face it: for the non-physicists among us, energy is different to explain, let alone understand.
Even knowing how Einstein solves for “E” in his famous equation, we are ill-equipped to
conceptualized how any of it powers our fridges and phones (or recall what “M” and “C” stand

Still, we have faith in the power of energy. We might not know how or why, but we are certain it gets where – and does what is – needed. And you may remember from science class that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is transformed into other forms of energy. It does not get “used up,” but rather, it changes. This is true of all energies, from electrical to nuclear, radiant to thermal. And human.

Each body has its own energy, existing in varying states. Reiki is a form of energy healing that
originated in Japan in the early 20th century. In practice, the certified spiritual therapist’s hands 
move gently and purposefully just above the (clothed) body, encouraging a healthy flow of energy by acting as an open channel. Treatment results in a feeling that energy has been
unblocked, ranging from a warm, glowing sensation to overall, generalized relaxation…
sometimes even drifting off into sleep.

Benefits of Reiki can include improved mood and emotional well-being, reduced stress and
increased relaxation, and better sleep, and mitigated insomnia symptoms. Studies have even
shown lowered blood pressure, anxiety, and pain for those undergoing surgery or battling cancer.


Maybe you can’t explain it. But just as with you trust energy is its other forms, trust your life force energy… and my trained hands to keep it high, unrestricted, flowing freely.

Authentic Coaching - Reiki Treatments
Authentic Coaching - Meditation


Go deep… then rise up.


Private and group meditations and Classes

Assurance that “you can’t do it wrong” falls flat when it just never feels right. True, meditation is broad in scope and purpose, and over centuries of practice has never been prescribed inflexible instruction. Its variability is as much a hallmark as its benefits.

But with that freedom comes some frustration. And that is, clearly, the exact opposite of what meditation is meant to achieve. So here’s some new assurance: with guided practice, you can curate your journey, find real focus, and harness the power. 


Let’s work one-on-one. Or, gather from your circle for a shared session. In my ample studio or space chosen by you or your group, we can partner on this journey. You choose the intention: Self-compassion or self-acceptance. Relaxing or releasing. Enhanced attentiveness or calmed awareness. I’ll get you there: Quiet. Ground. Surrender. Flow. Accept.


Over the course of an hour or two, you will unwind and heal. And you’ll forever know when meditation feels “right.”


Options and add-ons include:

Personalized meditation topic

Chakra work: clearing, tuning, balancing


Sound baths


Oracle cards



Reveal your purpose. Discover your path. Share yourself.




Find Your Why | 3 months |  $850 

OR 3 monthly payments of $290

You know there’s more to your life. More meaning. More impact. More beauty. You’ve found glimpses of it before – even had sustained encounters with it from time to time. But lately, you feel yourself pressing against headwinds or knocked down by gusts. 


Simply plowing ahead won’t likely provide the answer. Giving yourself the time and space for exploration, on the other hand, will. What is it you truly value… and truly oppose? What brings you real fulfillment and unbridled joy… and what feels wasteful or empty? 


Take that thoughtful pause for a few months, and let me mindfully guide – and gently push – without preconception. This isn’t a quick fix, and it will take some candor and willingness to recalibrate. But as you break down barriers and lean into only those beliefs that don’t limit you, a vivid path takes shape ahead.


The winds will shift and change, to be sure. But let’s get those breezes at your back.

  • Initial assessment and goal-setting (90 minutes)

  • 5 one-hour bi-weekly sessions

  • At-your-fingertips resources for consistency and continuity


Transformation | 6 months | $1650 

OR 6 monthly payments of $285

“Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.” The members of Coldplay wrote the lyrics of “The Scientist” collaboratively. It was a sentiment they all shared. In truth, we all share it.


You didn’t expect any area of your life – relationships, wellness, career, finances, spiritual health – to be without challenges. But you didn’t anticipate such strong forces seemingly working against you. Do you know what they are, not just surface but at the core? Do you know where they came from, and what keeps them alive? Even the most clear-eyed aims and ambitions will stall when obstacles are invisible or perpetuated. Together, over the course of a couple of sessions, we will root them out, one by one.  


This is a deep dig. It will unearth your gifts and goals as much as your barriers and baggage. But it is not about reparation, nor is it a concession of victimhood. Because I believe you are in control here – you are the vessel. With the courage to examine, commitment to focus, and openness to change, there’s nothing that can keep you from your destination. 


You already know: it won’t be easy. But nothing that finds its way to wonderful ever is.

  • Initial assessment and goal-setting (90 minutes)

  • 11 one--hour bi-weekly sessions

  • At-your-fingertips resources for consistency and continuity

Authentic Coaching - Coaching