Clients come to me with different beliefs, different stories and different goals.  Authentic coaching could never be one size fits all, so my approach is simple.  


I create a non-judgmental space for clear, vulnerable connection so that healing can begin.  I use modalities like Reiki energy healing and meditation to enhance your sessions if needed. 


I work with you to eradicate limiting beliefs and get you on a path to achieving the success you wholeheartedly deserve. 


I develop a custom plan for each and every one of my clients to guide this process, and only ask that you be brutally honest with yourself and with me.  If you are interested in what a custom plan could look like, contact me for more information and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.


Ready to get to work? Good. So am I!

30-minute discovery call



A spiritual and non-judgemental dance class for adults. No experience needed. Let it all out on the dance floor. 

Thursdays at 8:15 am at Dance Moves of Charleston




1-hour single session $95

Package of 5 sessions $425 (Best results)



I offer a large studio space to guide you or a group of your choice through powerful and cleansing meditations. Reiki, sound, and aromatherapy are available within these sessions. Customized for you

Private 1:1 and Group meditations 


Clients are seen locally and Virtually

Office and Studio are Located on Folly Rd, James Island


Reach for your goals
Find meaning and purpose in your life


All coaching is real, confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive. Energy healing can be added to any session if desired or needed.


This isn’t about a quick fix or fad. This is about you busting down barriers and becoming your best self for the rest of your beautiful life. You are so worth this investment in yourself.


Find Your Why | 3 months |  $850 

10% off pay in full $765

OR 3 monthly payments of $255

Are you constantly asking or saying to yourself the following: What is my purpose? Why am I even here? I feel unworthy. I am not doing enough. I feel stuck. I am depressed. Why do bad things keep happening to me? 

I get it and have been there!


This introductory 3-month program helps you break through your limitations, find meaning and purpose in your life, and offers you a clear path to understanding your desires, needs, and wants.  You are worthy, enough, and loveable.  You deserve to invest in yourself. I believe in you, it is time to believe in yourself. 

  • Initial assessment and goal-setting consultation (90 minutes)

  • 5 - 1-hour Bi-weekly  sessions to follow 

  • Off week check-in via Marco Polo or email (24 hours turn around)

  • Accountability and goal setting

  • Resources to guide you on your journey


Transformation| 6 months | $1650 

10 % off pay in full $1485

OR 6 monthly payments of $275

In this program, we dive deep, get real, uncover all the things holding you back in what I consider the 5 areas of life: Relationships, health and wellness, career, spirituality, and finances. We dissect each of the areas and create a solid plan moving forward towards your goals and desires all with me by your side offering you accountability and encouragement. You will truly watch yourself transform into the beautiful soul you are finding purpose and meaning in your life. 

  • Initial assessment and goal-setting consultation (90 minutes)

  • 11 -1-hour Bi-weekly  sessions to follow 

  • 24-hour turnaround on questions or outreach

  • Off week check-in via Marco Polo or email (24 hours turn around)

  • Accountability and goal setting

  • Resources to guide you on your journey

Private 1:1 meditation sessions and coaching are also available. Contact me for more details.


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